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Need, as Associated Social Inertia

April 25, 2007

By Patrick M. Tracy (Some adult language in this one –PMT)   “Life is a system of associations, a system in which one person’s need is impressed upon the next through whatever pressure center is available. It’s sort of like chaos theory math, really. That whole Butterfly Effect woo-ha.” Judith held the gun on Ralph […]

Not a story, just a note

April 17, 2007

Hey, folks. You may analyze my posting pattern for this newborn site, NBNS, and think, “hey, he’s not following his bi-weekly rule at all!  What a punk!”  Before you start thinking that I’m not as good as my word, let me say this:  I always have a big surge of productivity and enthusiasm when I […]

Anything To Get Well

April 17, 2007

By Patrick M. Tracy (Warning: some adult themes in this one. PMT) Lorraine hadn’t felt right since she came back from Mazatlan. Something was a little off, and not jet lag, either. She took her vitamins every morning, drank that awful herbal remedy she bought from the health food store, and even started jogging again, […]