Nasty, Brutish, and Short
Evil Fiction by Patrick M. Tracy

Not a story, just a note

Hey, folks.

You may analyze my posting pattern for this newborn site, NBNS, and think, “hey, he’s not following his bi-weekly rule at all!  What a punk!”  Before you start thinking that I’m not as good as my word, let me say this:  I always have a big surge of productivity and enthusiasm when I first start a project.  Because NBNS is, for me, The New Hotness ™, I’m riding that wave.  Anyway, I don’t like the thought of having a site up with just one wee story to look at.  I want to have some content!

So, that’s my explanation.  As the love grows cooler and there’s a dozen other projects chewing their way out from my forehead, I’ll calm down and start posting every other week.  Until then, I’ll probably be posting at least twice that fast.


Patrick M. Tracy

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