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Barbecue at the End of the World

May 26, 2007

By Patrick M. Tracy I’m not a real religious guy, so I guess I never thought much about the end of the world and all that. Read over the Revelations once when I was younger, but thought it was all a bunch of hokum. You know, scare the heathens and make ’em fly right. Didn’t […]

Nameless, These Brave Ones

May 14, 2007

By Patrick M. Tracy “Strange how quiet a big army can be.” he said. Under his helmet, it was difficult to see his face, but his eyes were piercing. Just like the rest, he held his shield and spear, looking downward from the crest of the rise. Down in the valley, the demon army milled […]

Cleanup Crew

May 6, 2007

By Patrick M. Tracy (Thanks to Craig Lloyd, who gave me the idea for this one, and a sweet line of dialog.)  Andrea leaned against the wide windowsill of the capital building and looked down into the square. In the distance, fire was consuming the outlying districts of the city. “You know what gets me?” […]