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Rough Exorcism

June 20, 2007

By Patrick M. Tracy (Yet another Magnum-Sized Flash! Enjoy!) Mama told LeeLee that Uncle Gill was possessed by the devil sometimes, and LeeLee knew it was true. They used to let Uncle Gill babysit the kids, but he locked her little brother Mort in the cellar, and he used to touch her in naughty ways […]

The Good Cognac

June 12, 2007

(Magnum Sized Flash! Double the word count!) By Patrick M. Tracy (Note: this one has adult language and themes–PMT) She’s sexy, even holding the barrel of a gun against my throat. “Tell me your motto—the one they put on the back of your last CD,” she whispers, auguring the pistol up under my chin. She […]

You Fall for a Girl Sometimes

June 6, 2007

By Patrick M. Tracy Nerf Kaspersky stepped off his skateboard and watched it roll down Ingram’s Hill. The ‘board skipped and jumped on the rough pavement, but it didn’t leave the road and disappear into the roadside meadow until the very bottom. “How does it feel?” Verlinda asked. Her hands were soft, and he could […]