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July 30, 2007

Editorial, July 2007, By Irv “The Trapdoor Spider” Metcalf (By Patrick M. Tracy) Lucas Miesner liked to travel.  Unlike his colleagues at the law offices of Steadman, Mazurski, and Koklayev, he didn’t squander his three weeks of vacation time pottering around in the back yard or catching up on missed afternoon naps.  No, that seemed […]

The Roads to Megiddo, Canto One

July 24, 2007

By Patrick M. Tracy Harkalivad drove his black-shrouded blade through the witch’s chest.  She bucked and shuddered against the weapon’s cruel edge—something she’d failed to do when they’d lain together, moments before.  Naked, soaked with sweat, he yet needed, his hunger appeased not at all.  Neither he nor the witch had been satiated. The awareness […]

Killing Him Back to Life

July 10, 2007

By Patrick M. Tracy “We’ll have to kill him back to life,” Rodriquez groaned. “Yep, looks like.”  Marchinko got her hands beneath O’Leary’s armpits and started to tug.  His head lolled back, like heads do when the neck within is shattered into a hundred wet shards. “Just put him out of the way.  The storeroom’ll […]