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The Roads to Megiddo, Canto Two

August 28, 2007

By Patrick M. Tracy Amanda Naguchi clutched the book to her chest, running through the chill October night. The fog crawled up from the coast and coated the ground, but she knew the path well. They couldn’t catch her now. Even closed, even through her leather jacket, she could feel the heat coming from the […]

August 21, 2007

Editorial, August 2007, By Irv “The Trapdoor Spider” Metcalf (By Patrick M. Tracy) Raymond Starkweather’s life changed the day his older brother slipped a noose around the family dog’s neck and hoisted it, kicking and yelping, from the branch of their maple tree. “As I saw the life go out of little Markie’s eyes, something […]

Letting Go

August 14, 2007

By Patrick M. Tracy Right away, I feel bad for her.  I mean, she’s had a tough road getting here, and now I’m holding a dead man’s switch and threatening to blow the whole precinct away.  Shit. Her hand’s a metal claw.  I can see that it’s just two titanium rods, all the way up […]