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The Roads to Megiddo, Canto Five: Amelia’s Song

August 29, 2008

By Patrick M. Tracy The darkness howled around me that night.  I called the demon and he arose, burning with fires like carnival lights, skin slick with the cosmic afterbirth of his journey.  “Payment,” he demanded, his voice coming from all around me, a thousand lunatic whispers like rats scuttling through the walls of my […]

The Roads to Meggido, Canto Four

August 4, 2008

By Patrick M. Tracy “There,” the grim coachman said, his skeletal hand pointing out into the rough desert. “That way, ten miles overland. The sky will darken as you walk. If you truly wish this—the end of all the many worlds—you must go into the Tomb of All Those Forgotten.” “And there,” Harkalivad whispered. “I’ll […]