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July 30, 2012

By Patrick M. Tracy “This is not acceptable,” Charlene squawked, her fists planted on her bony hips, her head canted to one side like a judgemental stork. Edith did her best not to make eye contact. It only encouraged Charlene to be more of a monster than she was under normal circumstances. The fact that […]

A Tyrant’s Whim

July 28, 2012

By Patrick M. Tracy “Remind me of the man’s name,” the tyrant said. It was noon, and he had yet to fully embrace the day. He brought a cup to his lips, sipping spice tea mixed with wine. A naked servant woman mopped his brow with a cool towel. His functionary, Chalbard, squinted at the […]

In Extremis

July 24, 2012

It goes right by you. It’s a fastball pitch, and you a kid in mismatched little league uniform pants and your brother’s hand-me-down cleats. You rush past all the mile markers, in a hurry for that promised land that’s somewhere up there, past the stuff you have right now, beyond the little turmoils you’ve got […]