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Witness to the Mighty One’s Arrival

August 27, 2012

By Patrick M. Tracy “Hello?” Kelly found herself saying just that, looking down into the shadowed depths of the hole. Why would she say it? Was there someone, something down there? Shit, she hoped not. Still, there it was, coming out querulous and quavery, just like in all the cheap horror flicks. At least she […]


August 21, 2012

The school year always seemed to end this way. Everything tattered at the edges, broken bits of plans and friendships spiraling outward into the uncertain territory of summer vacation, where all knowledge given would be offered up to the winds, just as the seeds of dandelions are, and students would arrive, newly ignorant, for the […]

On the Mountainside

August 11, 2012

By Patrick M. Tracy Wendell sells the fancy popcorn, like you see in the colored cellophane twists at the store sometimes. He has a little trailer, complete with a propane powered kettle, a boombox for when things get slow, a folding chair to rest his feet while eating his lunch. He also hawks the chainsaw […]