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Bronar IX: Cold Trails in Darkness

September 22, 2018

By Patrick M. Tracy “Notice where her spear point touches you,” Bronar said. The night had no clouds, starlight and the silver half moon overcoming the pall of the broken city’s luminance enough to show the alley’s lines and angles. The man on the ground, a fringe member of the Elf’s crew, reached, as if […]

Bronar VIII: Melee Among the Ashes

September 5, 2018

By Patrick M. Tracy That screaming. Her own voice, echoing off the scorched walls between burned out buildings. The wreckage of Evaldr, burned in the attempt at killing them and burned for naught. Tahni’s spear-haft smashed against a scrawny manchild’s knee and burst the bones out the inside of his thigh. His pain cry joined […]