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Bronar Returns 6: Frozen Fields, and the Rictus Grin of the Dead

August 31, 2019

By Patrick M. Tracy She could behold them now, in all their loathsome splendor. Within the creeping, tar-like gloom of their bodies, within the madness of what they were, beneath the shroud of ruin they wore. Remnants of divinity shivered within their cores. Tormented slivers of power forever forlorn. As the Ancient Enemy surmounted the […]

Bronar Returns 5: Most Solemn and Consigned to Outer Dark

August 19, 2019

By Patrick M. Tracy “I remember when you were a child, when I was your cherished friend, and you confided all things to me. This was before you learned the fear of your own power, and the distrust of me.” The Night Wolf, standing in the strange, indistinct fields of Tahni’s mind, touched a clawed […]

Bronar Returns 4: Feasts and Lamentation

August 7, 2019

By Patrick M. Tracy The feast in Conqueror’s Hall had long since ended. Servants cleared away the spilled mead and discarded pork joints as quiet descended and revelers found their beds. As seemed to always be the case, those who had seen the greatest danger were the least interested in a celebration. The noisy toasts […]