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Bronar Returns 11: Symbolic Surrender and the Building of Armies

September 28, 2019

By Patrick M. Tracy There had been fifty-nine on the first day. The sacrifices, whose young spokeswoman called herself Nosira. At the high balcony that let out from one side of her royal apartments, Tahni looked down on them now. Easily a hundred. The first crop of them looking stronger every day, while the new […]

Bronar Returns 10: Survival, Inclusion, Sacrifice

September 21, 2019

By Patrick M. Tracy Everyone the assassin’s blades had given so much as a scratch had perished. All but Bronar. Weeks later, and he still lay abed, no more than half alive, barely able to drink down enough broth to sustain him.  “He will mend, though I don’t know how. I have at last come […]

Bronar Returns 9: Gone Where We Cannot Follow

September 14, 2019

By Patrick M. Tracy Jatarthion lay within a folded seam of land, home now to the carrion animals. Before coming against them at Conqueror’s Hall, the Ancient Enemy had ravaged the city, killing all but those who could flee on horseback or hide so well as to escape notice. The solemn few who escaped scattered […]