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Bronar Returns 9: Gone Where We Cannot Follow

September 14, 2019

By Patrick M. Tracy Jatarthion lay within a folded seam of land, home now to the carrion animals. Before coming against them at Conqueror’s Hall, the Ancient Enemy had ravaged the city, killing all but those who could flee on horseback or hide so well as to escape notice. The solemn few who escaped scattered […]

Bronar Returns 8: Accolades and Titles

September 8, 2019

By Patrick M. Tracy “I didn’t ask for this,” Tahni said.  Vandrid pushed her lips together and said nothing. This conversation had already come around to that twice. To the fact that it was not a matter of asking, but what was right. Carefully, she’d told Tahni these things. This time, she simply touched her […]

Bronar Returns 7: Writ Large Upon the Flesh

September 3, 2019

By Patrick M. Tracy She’d been carried from the field, but little different from the dead. Washed and tended, brought to rest here in the quarters of the Conqueror King, now gone more utterly than any body burned upon a funeral pyre. Kaldogurn had asked them to help with his war, and they’d done so. […]