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Bronar Returns 16: Through Blood and Into Fire

November 3, 2019

By Patrick M. Tracy The flying serpent’s guts showered down on Tahni, pale and glutinous. The revolting smell of the creature’s inner workings bloomed like acid and rot and burning hair. Her eyes watered, but she had no time to wretch, no time to freeze or run.  All around her, the cavern shook with their […]

Bronar Returns 15: The Riches of the Underworld Below

October 27, 2019

By Patrick M. Tracy The entrance to the holy mountain lay beneath an overhang of dark stone, like a brow of some dim titan long passed from the world. Bronar stood there, looking into the impenetrable gloom, saying nothing, tapping his palm against the haft of his maul.  “We shouldn’t bring the maidens beyond the […]

Bronar Returns 14: Where the Old Kings Went to Die

October 20, 2019

By Patrick M. Tracy The snowfall obscured all vision, drawing a veil across the winter’s light. This near to the Forgeheart Mountains, every flake liquefied as it touched the rocky ground. From liquid to steam, rising back into the air, until visibility fell to nothing, and they were forced to stop the expedition.  The horses […]