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Bronar Returns 5: Most Solemn and Consigned to Outer Dark

August 19, 2019

By Patrick M. Tracy “I remember when you were a child, when I was your cherished friend, and you confided all things to me. This was before you learned the fear of your own power, and the distrust of me.” The Night Wolf, standing in the strange, indistinct fields of Tahni’s mind, touched a clawed […]

Bronar Returns 3: Born of Chaos and Eternal Night

July 28, 2019

By Patrick M. Tracy All the birds flushed from their perches, making their noisy way up into the winter gloom. Dogs and livestock panicked, breaking free to run into the waste and stubbled fields to the south of the village. Tahni didn’t know the name of the town. Remnants of a fallen empire, the name […]

Bronar Returns II: The Flesh of Kings

May 30, 2019

By Patrick M. Tracy Tahni lay within the circle of fierce heat of the fireplace’s maw, one arm propped beneath her. The last fleeting moisture from her bath cooked away, and the blast of new-stoked fire made her skin feel tight and prickly. As if her body couldn’t quite forget the long lesson of chill. […]