Nasty, Brutish, and Short
Evil Fiction by Patrick M. Tracy

Submission Guidelines

If you’d like to have your story featured here at Nasty, Brutish, and Short, please make sure that it conforms to the following requirements:

  • Stories must be in the neighborhood of 500 words (hard cap: 1,000)
  • Stories submitted here must be your own, and you must have the rights to display the story at the time of submission.
  • Stories will be in the Horror genre or feature a strong undercurrent of darkness.
  • Stories must be able to remain up on the site for at least a few months. Don’t send us a story that may be accepted by a magazine or anthology at any moment.
  • Insofar as is possible, stories should contain all the elements of a full-fledged short story. They should “go somewhere”.
  • Gore, vulgar language, and sex are all within the scope of what we do here, but there should be more to the story than a simple carrier wave for the above-mentioned qualities. Please have a look at the stories already featured to get an idea of what we’re looking for.
  • Post a comment below with any questions or comments. If you leave your email address, I’ll get in contact with you as soon as possible. If you’re uncomfortable with leaving your email in a comments box, please email me at author (at) pmtracy (dot) com with query nbns in the subject line.
  • Stories here will reflect the tastes of the administrator, Patrick M. Tracy. He reserves the right to decline any story that doesn’t meet his criteria.
  • Any author who submits his/her story to Nasty, Brutish, and Short gives us <<only>> the rights to display the story on this website. Authors retain all copyrights and ownership privileges.
  • Posting a story on NBNS carries no monetary reward. The sheer joy of creating and sharing evil little stories will have to suffice.
  • We look forward to reading your stories!

4 Responses to “Submission Guidelines”

  1. This is my first post
    just saying HI

  2. James,

    Glad to see you. I hope you’ll take me up on the idea of posting your story here. Thus far, it’s just been lil’ old me.

  3. Hi there, just wondering where to submit? I see no where to do that here? Thanks! Your site looks good. I will read the other stories! Susan

    • Susan, if you’d like to submit, please send your story to the following email: editor (at) Thanks for your interest. I hope you enjoy the stories, and I look forward to seeing a story from you.

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